Jul 7, 2005

Act of Terrorism

London bomb blasts kill 12, injure 150Date: 08/07/05
A series of terrorist bomb blasts in London has left at least 12 people dead and almost 200 injured.
Thousands of people, blood-spattered and crying, staggered into the streets after at least four blasts rocked the heart of the city during morning peak hour.
An Arabic-language news website reported a group calling itself "Secret Organisation - al-Qaeda in Europe" has posted a claim of responsibility for the blasts on a website popular with Islamic militants, which it did not name.
It said the group claimed the explosions were in retaliation for Britain's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. It also warned of more attacks in other countries.
A shaken Prime Minister Tony Blair said it was a barbaric terror attack while security experts pointed the finger at al-Qaeda.
Amid the chaos, officials initially said at least two people were killed and as many as 300 injured. There was no confirmed official death toll.
But there were unconfirmed reports of many more dead. CNN quoted sources as saying the toll was 12 deaths while Sky Television said at least 45 people had been killed.
Hospitals reported at least 150 people were seriously wounded after the blasts affected six tube stations and blew off the top of one double decker bus.
The crisis erupted when emergency services rushed to the Aldgate East underground station where police reported the first blast incident at 8.59am local time (1759 AEST).
The terror and tragedy on London's underground and bus routes replaced the excitement that erupted across the capital the previous day after it was named the host of the 2012 Olympic Games.
Police found traces of explosives at some of the blast sites.
Blair said the attacks were carried out by terrorists to coincide with the Group of Eight summit underway in Gleneagles, Scotland.

I don't understand what the terrorist organisations get out such act of terrorisms. Seriously I dont feel any pity for those who do such act of terrorism. Whoever did this should be caught and punished.


  1. AnonymousJuly 08, 2005

    I agree with you

  2. who is this by the way??
    thankx for the support its time the world start thinking about bringing a stop these terrorists.

  3. Lol what abt the biggest terrorists namely George Bush and Condoleeza Rice.....Osama and Mullah Omar COme Next in the line.........

    BTW whats up uve changed the blog ..allowed anonymous posting also can see the Adsense ads and also changed the template

  4. @rahul: u sure u visited my blog before, no i havent changed the template its always been like this right from the beginning. same goes for the anonymous postin.

    I do agree that george bush is also a terrorist. i dont understand when a country as a whole mass murders people its called war and when a few people do the same thing its called terrorism.