Sep 2, 2005

Anna University Dumb & The Dumbest

Now and again Anna university is proving that they are the heights of stupidity.. first it was the so called ban on distractive dress code... now its the mobile phone... The anna university guys sure are imaginative... i dont know how cell phones can distract the students from studyin ... unless the person makes calls throughout the day and that too with the current call rates i guess the guy must be madd.

Let me first start with the dress code.
It seems that students are wearing obscene dresses in the campuses so they have brought out the rule that students should wear only the following which forms the dress code.

For guys

Its cotton formal pant and a formal shirt

What is not allowed for guys are t-shirts, jeans, i dont think anyone wears shorts and comes to college but still if they any plans of it then its a no no to that too.

Then now for the other gender.

For gals

Its only a shudidhar(I'm not sure of the spelling)with dupatta pinned at the sides and not much jewellery or accessories either.

Whats not for girls are anything even remotely considered as revealing


  1. hey rakesh i guess i agree with u in this stuff....Banning of cellfones is stupidity.

  2. ur VC has lost his sanity, please admit him to Kilpauk mental health centre, before he can cause any more trouble

  3. i too agree with u.we are professionals and do they think a professional should get rid of cell phones.i dont even get a answer on thinking how mobile would distract students and should they think students should always on tiptop.pity on them