Sep 8, 2005

What can GRE do to a person?

GRE - stands for Going Rong Everyday well thats what will happen once you finish going through your word list, finally ull end up forgetting the spellings of most of the words you already knew.

My friend is going crazy with the GRE thing. For the past one month all she does is words words and more words. Even if i make call to her she'll ask me the meaning of some words and all i can reply is "Same to you". Most often the word'll almost always sound like a bad word like "Weltanschauung" meaning "idea of the world, world view". Now she is at her verge of madness repeating nothing but words. The other day she even had dreams about words all in her dreams almost most of the words came to her and finally she woke up saying some kind of obscure word due to which her mom got scared.

The next day i asked whether the words in the dreams came with the context or without the context. Finally she is giving the exam tomorrow . So all the best aPaRna do ur best in GRE. The same goes for all those poor guys who are by now flooded with words in their minds.

So till then signing away


  1. hey thanx for all that...i completed the stuff.Donot ask the score thogh....Thanx for bearing with my rubbish for the past one month....thanx again

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  3. @chrisprice
    ya thanks a lot for your concern man
    i sure will check the links u pointed out to me...