Oct 11, 2005


Baasha Rajini"Naan nooru dhadava partha oru thadava partha mathiri" just finished watching Super star Rajini's Baasha. Its the nth time I'm watching it. Only this time I'm watching it on my computer(Original VCD courtesy Ram). Well here are some of the dialogues from the movie.

"namma auto kannadi maligai mathiri
nama mathavangala idichalum
nama auto than sedham aagum
mathavanga nama mela idichalum
nama auto than sedham aagum"

"sethula kalla thooki potta
seru nama mela than therikkum"

"ponnu pennu porulu pinnala
ambalainga poga kudathu"

& of course the most famous of his dialouge

"Naan oru dhadava sonna nooru dhadava sonna mathiri"

There are lot other dialogues too but writing them all down would take a long time. But it is better to watch it than to read it in a blog so in case you are bored or anything just rent this movie and enjoy. This is one of super star's best movies. SO Neenga oru thadava en blogguku vanda nooru thadava vanda mathiri so atleast oru thadavayadu comment pannitu ponga.

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  1. i did not know u liked rajini so much.

  2. i also never knew i like rajini so much. actually i used to like his movies when i was you small ie not in height when i was in my school. Now his acting talents has come down though but not his popularity. but still some of his movies like baasha are really good. so i thnk ive turned over a new leaf...