Oct 22, 2005

Google Desktop

Google DesktopJust finished installing the latest google desktop. I remember installing the previous version of it in my computer. That time it was total confusion. But this time around things have changed now it can be docked in the side of the desktop as a panel which is really neat. Also the sidebar has lots of panels. Here are some of the panels googletalk (yes it can be integrated with the google desktop), Email(The google desktop has an integrated gmail notifier), News (well it displays newsthe news content depends on what kindof site we visits.(THe freaky monitoringpart comes here I suppose.)) It has a kind of notepad or be it Scratch pad. Then you can view photos and have a slide show in the sidebar as well. If this is not enough it also has lots of addons which can be downloaded from the net.

I had a major heart attack when during the start of the installation the setup through up an error which said minimum RAM is 256MB wheareas i have only 128MB. But I went ahead boldly with the installation.

But right now i have just one word to describe it "Google desktop *ROCKS*"


  1. and it rox the whole of ur desktop..let it index all files and ull dump your windows search...google pwns MS(lol)

    Btw rakesh turn on the word verification...ull get spammed X-(

  2. It does mess up with your system though *_*

  3. AnonymousJuly 25, 2006

    What a great site