Oct 28, 2005

My tRyst with HurriCane MunIyammA

Well it all started on 26th with a slight drizzling in the city of Chennai that too not in every place. That time I was in my college peacefully doing my model Practical exam. Then after a horrid bus journey I reached home sweet home. My dad had come back from his visit to my native. Then that evening the rain started. I thought what the hell I can't go out to ram's place now. Then I sat in front of the computer and started toying with Adobe Photoshop. Then I browsed around in the net to get the model questions for my Comprehension test (Don't ask me what this test is cuz nobody knows what this crap is). Then after getting those questions I again went back to Photoshop. I created a new text effect after reading a website. I was quite impressed with the results. Then I went to have my breakfast, that’s when I noticed something strange i.e. the rains hadn’t stopped yet. Then I heard in the news that there is going to heavy rains in Chennai. I never trusted these news weather reporters, cuz the things they say happen only in movies otherwise it’s quite the opposite. Then I read for some time i.e. my actual college stuff for the exams. Then my eleven I was messaging AKshaYa. She told me, "If it were to rain continuously there wouldn't be any exams tomorrow". Then I also prayed for the same and slept off.

Then I woke up the next day to find that it was still raining I asked my mom whether the rain started just now. And she said it’s been raining since yesterday. I was really happy now cuz there would be no college. At that moment AKshaYa calls me up and tells me that there is no college. Then there is a big confusion as to whether I should or should not go to college as it was my model exam + comprehension exam. Then I called up aPaRNa and she also told there is no college. Then I started jumping around in excitement. Then I browsed the net for a while. At precisely 10:30 am the current went out. Then I started receiving news that the power was out in most of the places. Now I began to worry cuz without current it’s really horrible. I’ve already had a bad experience with current. Then I went about things as usual…
To be continued


  1. Ok this seems real to me...Well the stuff ends with somethin like this rt.."With no exams to write I lived happily till the next week.."
    fine put up the continuation fast..

  2. Lol.....I heard the rains are gonna shift from the TN coast to AP ...so I can expect some rains here....anyways its very very cloudy here and the wind is quite fast in speed ^_^

  3. UPDATE:It is raining quite heavily over here in Hyd.....

  4. rahul take care man. BTW aparna you have to wait a while for me post the continuation

  5. A great post indeed... struck a chord with me :) speed reading