Nov 28, 2005


Here is a nice find. Its called castpost. So incase you are looking for a free audio blog, well this is one of them.

What this site has to offer:
It offers 100MB of storage space.
You can upload mp3,MPEG, AVI, QuickTime (MOV), Windows Media Video (WMV), 3GP
you can add it in your own blog such blogger, wordpress etc.
Its in the early stages so more features will be available soon.

I have uploaded my recent favourite song from Ghajini, if you haven't guessed which song that is, well its Sutrum Vizhi sudare. I just love the song its damn melodious and awesome lyrics. People who know me, will be wondering about my sudden change of genre, since i usually listen to heavy metal, rock and that sort of thing. I don't know for some reason i love this song.

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