Nov 1, 2005

Happy Diwali

Have a great time this diwali everyone. Burst crackers but make sure its not on top of others head. I don't know suddenly i got this thing against crackers. Today being diwali i was walking on the road and one guy was bursting crackers right in the middle of the road without any considerations to the others on the road so please be a little cautious while bursting crackers. Also think others also have just one life.

After that little message.

Have a happy diwali ;)


  1. I am not bursting any ....someone somewhere will bless me .....:-)
    More than that, I think that i am in such a position that i can burst crckers....think of those and pray for tham who are not in a position to eat 2 square meals.....wht will tehy burst crackers that there is an amavas in their life.....thats why i dont burst

  2. thats really very noble of you man may be i'll also stop bursting crackers taking the inspiration from you...