Dec 1, 2005

Lesser Blog

So far my blog counter shows me that there have been 380 people who has stopped by to read my blog, out of which more than half due to myself visiting to check if there have been any comments made. So Me was having a discussion with well you know who ie myself as to why our blog ('our' refers to me and myself, two totally different entities) doesn't get as many readers as it should. Well me and myself came with the following Top 9 reasons(this is top 9 cuz I don't want to do another top 10 thingy as in many other blogs) for less readers in my blog.
"Not in order"

1. Me don't write good informative stuff like Lazygeek
2. Me has no sense of humour like praveen or Magix & Curses.
3. Me has a stupid template.
4. Me write useless stuff ( repetition of reason 1,kindly pointed by Myself, and me saying thanks a lot *sarcastically* ).
5. Me don't publicize me blog.
6. Me don't go for movies so me can't write reviews of movies.
7. Me don't comment in others blog(Myself mentions that Me has commented in sandya's,praveen's and a few other blogs which Myself doesn't remember).
8. Me don't know flowery english likesandya.
9. Me couldn't figure out other reasons.

So the Conclusion as to why my blog doesn't receive much readership well myself. After hearing this Myself jumps on me to finish me off for such an allegation. But myself didn't know that i was referring to the other myself the word used in english for referring to self sheeesh Me Guess Myself is also not good at english.

Final Verdict: Me and Myself Both mental. Actually they are split personalities of the same guy and thats me. After all this (sigh!) lets see if my readership increases, if not me planning to take extreme steps(unmentionable).

A few Less informative Stuff:
Firefox has released its next stable version and thats Firefox 1.5. You can download it from its official Site or from the following mirrors Mirror 1, Mirror 2, or the official mirrors.

FireFox 1.6 (Deer Park Alpha 2).You can download it here.
Note: Use it at your own risk since most of the extensions wont be working.


  1. Thanks 4 all de compliments.. comp not working.. will comment soon :)

  2. okie dokie as long as you visit and comment i'm happy. I really liked your gabbar singh article.

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