Dec 12, 2005

SMS - An Analysis

SMS a.k.a Short Messaging Service has become really popular, especially now that most of the big telecom companies are giving it away for free. It has almost replaced the cells normal functionality. This service is said to be a boon to the teenagers, but nowadays everyone seems to be using it both young and old so that means its a boon to everyone. Right!?! Well apparently not, here is my analysis.

Nowadays SMSing has become more difficult. No I'm not saying its difficult to send a SMS, but reading a SMS can prove to be a herculean task. Why so? Because of two important reasons.
1. feling mstks read Spelling mistakes
2. unrcgnzble wrdz read unrecognizable words
The above reasons have literally become the nightmare of english teachers. Any english teacher who reads a SMS these days will hang themselves.

Spelling Mistakes:
Don't know why the cell phone companies provide a dictionary mode if noone uses it. There are a few intelligent ones who use the dictionary mode and still make mistakes. *I'm not joking*

Unrecognizable words:
Unrecognizable words well its another nightmare for SMS readers(the sane ones). Well typing weird characters has become the current trend, not only that it has evolved into a new language more or less. I'm not sure when or how or by whom it was started. I mean people have taken SMS very literally and have twisted every damn word in the dictionary to less than 5 letters (Wonder why its not in guiness records yet?) Here is a small SMS I mean real small.
cn u cm tom (?)
The question mark is optional, thats why I have typed it within brackets. Well any sane person would say that its crap. But those hardcore SMS nuts out there will definitely understand what the above message says. With this new weapoon in the hands of the SMS addicts have written an entire story within two line. I even heard somewhere that some company is going to send the shakespeare works in SMS. The only other two lines which has a lot of meaning to it is Thirukural. I remember watching a show in Sun TV in the morning where the great Salaman Pappaiya would tell a story to explain the meaning of two lines fromt the Thirukural. But if Thiruvaluvar were to be alive today the SMS fanatics will give him a run for his money. So as days progresses new words are added to the really rich language of SMS.
Finally what I want to say is that whoever messages anyone through SMS please use understandable language. Please.

So anyone who has opposing view are free to express it here.


  1. hey i dont think there is anythin wrong in shortenin words as long as ppl can read it...I think u know tat while we r readin a stuff our brain reads the word by reading only the frist and last letters of a word!!

  2. hey its ok to shorten the words but not too much and if you think you can read a word by just only the first and last letters of the word then what if the word has only two letters as i pointed out an example. answer this.

  3. //Don't know why the cell phone companies provide a dictionary mode if noone uses it.//