Dec 21, 2005

Vaastu Shastra

Well Me not writing about the stupid hindi movie of similar title.Seriously that movie was really dumb. If I were to rate that movie out of 5, I would give it -5. It was supposed to be a scary movie, but I'm sure it wouldn't have scared my friend who is afraid of horror movies. Now coming to this post, I wanted to say a few words about my blog redesign, this is for those who have visited my blog previously. But you can still read this post since it has lot of goodies that you can do in your blog or site.

Earlier I used to have a fully black theme blog similar to Praveen's X-blog template(He has changed his template to blue and white). But I changed my theme before he did. The template is from blogger-templates. The Original template was really good. Now since this is my blog, I had to do a little bit of tweaking so as to match my taste.

Some of the changes I did:
CSS: well for those who don't know what is CSS you can skip this section. But in case you are into web-designing or want to edit your blogger template. Then I suggest you get some nice book to read about CSS. The only editing I did to this CSS was to change the font size to 12px. Changed the font from "Times New Roman" to "Georgia". And a few minor changes here and there.

Banner: Well this is my own work. The orange banner you see at the top took me 1 hour to create. The max time went into choosing the font.(seriously).

AJAX: you might be thinking what the heck this is? Then i suggest you try to read some thing about AJAX. It sounded like a cartoon characters name when I first read about it. But it's really powerful. AJAX a.k.a Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is what I used for creating the slide down effect in my Links, Archives, Blog Central section in the sidebar. If you haven't noticed it then try clicking the "+" in the Links section in the side. Wow, is what you would say after seeing the effect. I got this effect thanks to which is a festive blog, covering various articles on latest web trends, accessibility and more. A really useful site for web designers.

Flickr: Now for the flickr pictures. This again I found in another site of a web designer called Jon Hicks. You can learn about his technique here (Its really simple).


  1. Amazing what you did with your 'Links' and 'Blogger Central'. I've just poked my nose into AJAX - this is good encouragement for me to keep going on (especially when I thought of giving up..hee hee)!

  2. glad i was able to encourage you hehe ;)

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