Jan 21, 2006

Click Online is Offline

One of my favourite shows on BBC is no more. Well I'm talking about the one and only Click Online. I found this only a week ago when I was switching the channels I stopped at BBC and some show similar to Click online was going on called Click. Then after watching the show only I realized that the BBC people have changed the shows name to Click. So what is different between click and click online. The only difference I could find was the anchor and the other obvious difference was the website address its http://bbcworld.com/click now so anyone else who used to visit the web for click online web page better update their bookmarks. The new anchor is a guy called Spencer Kelly. You can read about Spencer Kelly and his team members of Click here.

So what happened to Stephen Cole?
He has been appointed as the Al-Jazeera London news anchor. Also Stephen was recently elected to the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) and hosted the Royal Television Society Technology Awards on 8 December of 2005.

So its farewell to Click Online and HELLO Click.


  1. So you are missing on this programme doc! So wats substituiting that time now

  2. hey i don't miss the programme the show is still there only the name and the anchor have changed. But i do miss the old anchor stephen cole. He had a cool accent and awesome presentation.