Jan 22, 2006

Petition regarding CAPTCHA

So are you a victim of word verification,ie who tried to comment in one of my posts and couldn't because you typed your word verification wrongly. I know its a kind of a turn off for many since the words aren't exactly very straight forward. But as of now thats the only way to keep blog spammers at bay. But the Blind Access Journal has created an online petition for users to sign and request that Google come up with an option for their CAPTCHA (Visual Turing Test) or visual word confirmation. If you aren’t aware of what the CAPTCHA is, it is the security device that makes users type in the words and letters that are in a graphic and usually jumbled up somehow. This security technique prevents automated bots from subscribing to Google services such as Gmail, Blogger and the IM service. In using a strict visual cue, this technique also prevents low-vision users, blind, dyslexic and other visually impaired users from subscribing to the services as well.

The Press release requests that the CAPTCHA be replaced with an auditory signal as an option. This is mainly needed for those who have visual problems. So guys please do the needful by signing the petition here.
Since I'm supporting this petition I have turned off the word verification in my blog...

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