Jan 10, 2006

TE Chennai Meet

Well this was my first meeting with my online friends. Well it happened on 8th Jan 2006. First time I got to meet the people behind the alias. The meeting took place at Planet Yumm in Besant Nagar Beach. It was supposed to start at 4 pm but well everyone was late except Saiyan, kin_of_evil and its_me_vivek. They were already there before me. Saiyan and Kin_of_evil were already there since they had to attend their friends birthday party (a total of three to be exact). Then I was the fourth person to reach the place. We went inside and I started speaking with vivek and saiyan. Kin_of_evil meanwhile had a fun time with his friends. Then the others came. Those who attended the meeting are
Saiyan, Kin_of_evil, its_me_vivek, EnigmatriX(me), GreaseMonk, Freaky and Vince
Once they all came it was time for introduction, we all introduced ourselves to each other and then started the usual tech talk(what else can you expect from the members of a tech forum?). well everyone started talking about their rigs and stuff since I have a PIII I didn't have much to speak so I kept quite.

Then we started talking about vista and its massive requirements such as 1GB RAM thats when GreaseMonk came up with this
Q : "What game are u playing ? "
A : " Windows Vista, dude. "
It was really funny.

Then came Saiyan's tragic love story, it was real funny. He said no to a girl when she proposed to him. He thinks he won't look after her properly since he spends much of the time with his computer.

After four hours of tech talking we all parted and left for home sweet home. Next meeting due to take place on 28th of this month. I'm eager to attend this one. The whole meeting was nice, which gave me a wonderful opportunity to meet new people. Here is one of the picture from the meet. From left-front and going clockwise its Saiyan, Grease Monk, Freaky, its_me_vivek, vince. I'm the one who took the photo, so im not there.


  1. Hey Rakesh!
    Just found this blog of yours... (among the many others of yours of course ;) ) heard the next meet may have to be postponed... :(


  2. Poda gonniyan :)

  3. gonniyan i have heard..wt does it mean though