Feb 6, 2006

Cricket Fan Awakens

More than one month has gone past in new year, and lot of things have happened during this time many of which I wanted to blog about but never had the patience to go to a cyber-cafe and post them(lazy me). So I've decided to do a huge post. This one is about my love for cricket.
Well I'll start off with the recent test match that took place in pakistan ie. The Allianz Cup. It consisted of three test matches. The test series ended in a most unlikely manner where India lost the series to pakistan. The first two tests ended in draw. The first match in lahore turned out to be a batsmen's paradise and add to that a case of bad weather, so a draw was a certainity. The second match also ended in a draw. But the pitch during the second match became the bone of contention for the media. Nevertheless both the matches were fun to watch since the batsmen blasted the balls into the heavens(well almost).
The third test is a total mystery. I never thought India would lose it not even when pakistan had set a huge target. It should have been a draw, instead the Indian batsmen faltered to even bat the final day. All the batsmen wanted to score rather than holding onto their wickets. The Indians wanted to badly win the match which by itself was a mammoth task. Their aim should have been to consider a draw first and then if possible go for a win, guess they were not thinking clearly. I could go on raving more and more about the series and various records that were set during the series but for now this is enough. Finally my love for cricket has returned.

So you might be wondering as to why did I hate cricket?
Well thats a bit of a short story. When I was in mumbai(the cricket metro), I used to play with my friends almost daily. Whether it was hot sunny day, pouring rain or cold winter, I never bothered. As long as we had a bat, ball and a stump(which usually was the three lines drawn on the walls of the building or just three stones) we started playing cricket. I used to play in my school as well as near my apartments. I used to bowl decently and bat occasionaly and when it comes to fielding I wouldn't have caught the ball if we had played with a football instead of a cricket ball, Ya I was that bad at fielding. So my friends always used to tease me about my fielding inability. This happens every time I used to play iwth them, then when it became unbearable I started developing a hatred towards the game itself. Since I valued my friends more than the game and I wasn't good at accepting criticism either. It was a dilemma for me. I had to chose between my friend and the game. I chose my friend. But I didn't stop at that. I ignored my friend for the next 3-4 months, the reason for which even I am clueless even now. As I was saying earlier it was lack of clear thinking.
But before all this happened I was a great cricket fan. I used to watch all the matches aired on TV. My love for the sport started when I was small, don't remember the exact time or year. That was the time when cable TV was introduced in India. That time I was in Tiruchi. The house owner had two sons they were both into buisness but a home run business so they often do all the work in the house itself so I often go to their house thats in the first floor and play with them(cricket ofcourse). They were the ones who got me hooked to this game. Whenever a match starts on the TV I used to go to the first floor to watch it. While watching those two uncle would be telling me about all the what, who and how to's of the game. THats how i learned cricket. Hope someday i meet them again.
Thus my affair with cricket continues...


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