Mar 17, 2006

Google Addicts!!!!

Sometime back I read an article in the guardian UK about people getting addicted to the use of google. As per the article people are finding it difficult to remember things without having to googling it. Due to this our knowledge is built in a haphazard, disconnected fashion with no effort made to discover context. Due to this many people are losing their talents especially the creative ones. I do agree that google can be very addictive. Even though its just a search engine probably the best but it has lot of capbilities. There are people who can find just about anything using google (I mean anything me also one of them). Now these so called searchers have tamed the search monster to do things and to find things which are not meant for public view.
So does that mean in the future all one will be doing is searching? It could be one of the future, a probable on etoo. Now all that is lacking is a hard drive for your brain and all the information you ever want can be stored and searched in your brain. Sounds like a sci-fi movie, well that is the fast approaching reality.
After all todays Science fiction is tomorrow's Science.


  1. Your site looks DAMN cool!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!! I LOVE it!!! :D Could u help me wid my site design too?:)

  2. sure thing tell what you want to do with your site :)

  3. i agree googling can be addicitve,but i never thot it to be like wat u mentioned.

  4. Ya it was surprising when i read it but thats the fact actually even i cant remember most of the things which i used to remeber lol

  5. AnonymousJuly 13, 2006

    Enjoyed a lot!