Mar 21, 2006

ma.gnolia is

ma.gnolia Don't mistake me if you think magnolia is a food or a site selling eatables. This is the latest buzzword atleast if you browse a lot - thats atleast five hours a day ;). But for those who have attained web nirvana would be familiar with Yes for the uninitiated its a website, yup type the words in your browser and it takes you to a website called Okay I'll come to the point, is a social bookmarking site. Its a place for sharing your bookmarks with others and also you can categorize your bookmarks using tags. That's about, and what is ma.gnolia well its something similar to Another social bookmarking site, well apparently not. Here's what ma.gnolia has to say about themselves.

How is Ma.gnolia different from other social bookmarking services? It starts with making the social side of social bookmarking work better. With contacts, groups and different ways to share bookmarks both within and outside of Ma.gnolia, we make working together on a casual basis or more formal projects fun and easy.

Some of the features of ma.gnolia which you don't see on other such sites

  • Bookmark Privacy
  • Bookmark Ratings
  • Saved Copies of Web Pages
  • We're Sweet To Look At!
  • Featured Linkers

I personally like the design clean, elegant and at the same time colourful. Here's the behind the scene writeup of the design process of ma.gnolia.

Finally here's a sample of both and ma.gnolia(both are the bookmarks i have in the respective sites), it's upto you to decide which is the better of the two ;)
My Page
My Ma.gnolia Page

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