Mar 19, 2006

MIX '06

MIX 06While the chennai internet techies are preparing for the Barcamp. The Microsoft's MIX 06, a 72-hour conversation between Web developers, designers and business leaders is going to start tomorrow. It starts on March 20 and goes on till March 22. So if you are a web designer, developer and if you are somewhere close to Las Vegas and have 995$ to shell out, be sure to attend the conference. So what's so special about this conference. Well, it's organized by Microsoft, you get a preview of all the latest works of microsoft in the web 2.0 domain. That is you get to learn the latest about IE7, Windows Media, Windows Live!, as well as "Atlas", Microsoft's new AJAX framework. For furhter information visit the official site for MIX '06.

Even if the whole event doesn't work out very well, you atleast get to meet the world's richest person
You can download the latest Beta preview of Internet Explorer 7 here.

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