Mar 25, 2006


I'm a great fan of Rajini I thought baba was his last film. My friends who watched baba told me it was bad and so far i haven't even seen that movie. But chramukhi proved to be a comeback for Rajini. And now his next movie Sivaji has already created enough hypes. In the new movie Rajini will star with the lovely Shriya. His latest style makes him look like the old Rajini we all used to watch in movies before baasha. Here are some sneak previews of Sivaji. (via Kiruba)

sivaji sriya
rajini vivek

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  1. So u seriously adore him is it??
    Anyway the pic are superb and I seriously feel tat rajini is bck and this looks of his will stay

  2. oh i have put the pic here yet i thought of putting it here put i yesterday i slept off

  3. hey rajini looks amazingly young in sivaji.hell receive many laurels for his looks i htink so.i hate sriya and dont like to see her paired with rajini.usually rajini makes mistake by choosing a.r.rahman for scoring the music.this time it includes sriya.anyway whos scoring the music for this film?

  4. The music once again AR Rehman. Gosh why is that you don't like sriya?

  5. shriya is waste and simply a glamour doll.

  6. whoa!!
    rajini looks really young in sivaji.

    btw your blog design is c00l!!

    came here thru bloggers@orkut community. :)

  7. could anyone tell rajini, that, at this stage he should prefer, doing roles that of father to shriya, not a hero, atleast ask him to look at the great actor, amitabh

  8. thanks for dropping by archana nice to know that the orkut community is bringing more visitors to my blog :)

    @nabeal: he may be old enough to be shriyas father but he still has enough charm to make ppl accept him as a super hero ;)