Apr 10, 2006

About my bLog

Its been time since I wrote something here. SO well I thought I would share some secrets or rather some facts about my blog. Well just timepassing. Well I started blogging long back around two years back but that was another blog. This blog i started sometime last year.

Who is the owner of blog?
Considering that I'm the one writing this post there is no doubt that I'm indeed the owner of this blog. But of course I have no idea as to whether or not I have another personality like anniyan. Well thats a longshot I know but one should never forget to analyze the alternatives ;). In any case single or multiple personality this blog belongs to rAKeSH(s). Period.

So why I started this blog?
I'm still unsure about this. I could say that I wanted to share my knowledge(almost nill), feelings(WTF), thoughts(when was the last time i thought of something hmmmm...), or anything at all. I didn't start this blog for any of the above reasons so thats brings me to square one. Why the heck did I start this blog, well the answer is out there somewhere.

Number of visitors?
Well lately I have been noticing that my blog has been getting lots of readers. Cuz in the last week alone I had a maximum of 185 hits. I sat one day and analysed how so many people came to my blog. Well after going through all my statistics I found out the reason, I was most shocked to see it though. My blog has an unnaturally high pagerank for a particular page and its the page where I mentioned about Lok Paritrana. Well what the heck as long as its driving viewers to my blog I'm happy ;). Now that I have got my voter's Id card I'm definitely going to vote for Lok Paritrana. So I thank the party for bringing new blood into the Indian Politics as well readers to my blog. Another reason is that my name as well as my name was featured in the Rockstar's Blog. I wouldn't like to leave out my friends who drop in regularly just to see if there is any change at all in my blog. Thanks to everyone.

Design Change?
Why would you be bothered to know about the design of my blog? Well I'm writing about it so you have no choice but to read it. Well my blog has been through three major design changes. First it was pitch black, kinda of bland though. So next what do i come up with I go this nice site called blogger templates. I lift a theme from there and applied it, which was a pleasing orange. And now I have done it once again, this time a bit pinkish though.

Loading time high?
You feel that lately the time taken to load my blog has increased considerably. Well has to be considering the amount of junk I have put in my blog. Here are the list of junk items I have put in my blog.
* Cocomment
* Lightbox
* My Riffs
* Flickred
* Technorati Script
* Google Analytics Script
* Sitemeter Script
* Performancing Script
* Indianbloggers Script
* Blogrolling Script
* Google Adsense and Search

What's the use of this Post?
Now this I can definitely answer for sure. Well its nothing but absolute time pass heee heee.

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  1. good one...but I hav answers for very few questions I wanted to ask you abt ur blog ;)

  2. oh what answers did you find?

  3. its not time pass, rakesh, you are preaching your visitors without knowing yourself, we try to learn something from every blog we tend to visit.so dont look for the return buddy, just keep posting whateverr you know as it will be useful to others who look for something, which they might find in yuor blog.

  4. yup thats for sure. i too learnt a lot from lots of other blogs nabeel.

  5. hey ur blog is cool...though u have blabbered a lot...anyway....gotto learn lots from u.....keep up the good work........

  6. hey i have to learn a lot the way u have blabbereed rrrrrrrrrrrr

    how is it possible by u??
    well its ok keep doing some thing like that

  7. hey i have to learn a lot the way u have blabbereed rrrrrrrrrrrr

    how is it possible by u??
    well its ok keep doing some thing like that

  8. well surely niranjan I'll keep blabbering
    and thanks for visitng chinnu, of the few things i know i'll try to teach you ;)

  9. hey design is fabulous.i love the color and the flowers and its grt that u have lots of stuffs put in ur blog.

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