Apr 29, 2006

Get Yahoo Mail Beta

Here's how you can get Yahoo mail beta....
just follow the steps

1. First goto yahoo mail
2. then click on the options
3. then goto your account information on the left hand side
4. then click on edit member information
5. then click on preferred content and change it
    Yahoo - United Kingdom
6. then click finished
7. go back to yahoo mail and you will see
    "It's the New Yahoo! Mail Beta... and you're invited."
8. Click on "Try Beta Now"
9. Once you click on that you should be able to see the
    yahoo mail's new interface.
10. Then you can once again change your preferred content

Benefits of Yahoo! Mail Beta include:
+ Drag and drop messages into folders for better organisation
+ A preview pane makes it easier to read your messages
+ AutoComplete email addresses
+ Speedier interface (DHTML for the techies)
+ Really, really fast search for messages
+ Keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl-S to save a message
+ Navigate from message to message with the arrow keys
+ Messages open in tabs or new windows so you can multitask

and lots more to come.....

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