Apr 6, 2006

Shutterbug *-*

Well recently my friend niru has bought a camera new Pentax digital camera. So the whole of last week and this week I've been taking snaps of anything and evrything that comes in front of me. You can see my photo collection in Flickr a few of which is displayed in the top of the page, for the rest of my photos you have to visit http://flickr.com/photos/rakeshashok. Also me haven't posted for a long time due to my project work. Once that gets over I'll be back with new and improved(*not sure abt this) writing skills ;). Till then signing off from the blogworld, the same old rAKeSH....

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  1. mm u r a crazy photographer.the moment u see a camera,u will sprang to it.enjoy ur work.

  2. u are a good cameraman thats why i have appointed u as my cameramen
    u are crazy abt taking snaps so as me too yet u take snap of everthying that u see
    i remeber u taking snap of ur leg and sying it as"my foot"
    very funny
    yet dude u are my class photographer

  3. oh thanks a lot ramya and niranjan. and niru i'm trying to become a good photographer. me will try to get my own camera soon.:)

  4. Hey, thanks for the blogroll idea, we've got same interests, but there is this one thing, but I think we'll have to e-mail about that rather.

    Also took photos the other day, of rocks, mold, walls and stuff. To use as textures in graphix software.


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