May 18, 2006

Google can see my house

Rakesh's houseOh well Google is seriously becoming one heck of a busybody. Almost everyone know what google is, if they havent heard of it then they must be the ultimate noob in the world of internet. Google was started as a directory service by two college students, which they later converted into a search engine. Almost any noob to the internet will use google before he uses any websites. That is the power of google. But right now google is no longer some pet project of some university student, rather it has become an multi billion dollar enterprise which is listed in new york stock exchange. Now google has diversified from their core product, atleast thats what they want us to think even though, google search and the advertisements are the only revenue generating factor for google.

You can see the list of services and softwares offered by google here.

The picture that i have used here was taken from google earth software which again is a google product. I can very well see where my house is. If this is the case then what has happened to the security of our nation (not because my house is a governors residence), but apart from this threat, the software is just wonderful. My house is one of the houses inside the circle that I have marked in the picture. You can download google earth here.

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  1. A serious privacy threat ahh...Anyway its fun to use rt!..I don't recogonise the place i the map :(

  2. ok the thing is not clear since there are no markings. i'll try to make a better map to my house soon. ya it is fun to use it :)

  3. though google earth is amazing,it poses a serious security threat unless it is some politicians house.

  4. ya i know and there are also many controversies regarding the borders of the countries as displayed in google earth too.

  5. AnonymousMay 22, 2006

    It shows my home too.