May 1, 2006

Hip's Don't Lie Definitely

Well this is the latest single by the Latino/English Pop singer Shakira. This is from the Album Oral Fixation 2. This is an english album unlike the Oral Fijacion. I recently saw this video in VH1, from that time onwards i can't seem to stop hearing this song.


The song feats Shakira along with the famous american rapper Wyclef Jean. Well ppl this is one album you should try hearing as well as watching. The most prominent thing in the video, Skakira's Hips ofcourse. *drooling*

Well you can try watching the video in Youtube

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  1. hey dude this is not fair give me an oppurunity to see her video and i shall also say the same as what u said if it was correct!!!!!

  2. hey dude i have given the link for the video. try clicking the youtube will take you to a page where you can watch the video and of course you can always get it from me

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