May 26, 2006 - My favourite FM

lastfmSo you are an audiophile, have a collection of songs stored in your hard disk which you keep listening to day in day out. What's the use no one knows about it to. Well in that case there is no need to worry anymore, The Social Music Revolution aka is here. Well many of you may not have heard about this site. This is one of the current favourite of almost every audiophile. So what is this social music revolution, its an extension of the social networking. Its something like yahoo music but only a lot better and more web 2.0 oriented. So what does social networking do? If you know the answer for this question then it won't that difficult to figure out the answer as to what is social music? Well here you get to know about what other people are currently hearing(that is songs played in their computer). Following is what you get if you register with the site.


Yes you can create your own music profile, which will give others an idea as to what type of music you prefer. Apart from the music profile you can also maintain your statistics of what you listen and how many times. You get your own journal, you can take part in discussions related to music with other members of You can also view what others listening to at present. You can also meet people who have the same music taste as yours. You can't bore yourself by searching through all the members profiles, not to worry the site will by itself generate the neighbours with similar music taste. Also you can create your own station where people can listen to. The site also generates similar artists to your favourite artists. So how does this whole thing works. Well once you register with this site then you have download a small application depending on the operating system ie either windows or linux. Also you can download the specisfic plugin according to the media player you are using. Currently it supports Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp and even ipod. once you have installed the necessary plugin then you are ready to create your playlist. At present all you have to do is switch on your net connection and switch on your winamp or favourite media player application. Then your statistics will be updated on your profile page. It may take some time to update since the number of users are increasing day by day...:)

Join the social music revolution at It's fun, it's free, it's all about the music.

I joined the site a long back ie in march but i never seriously used it. But my statistics started updating only recently. You can see my music profile here

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