May 5, 2006

Lok Paritran needs Volunteers

Lok Paritran SymbolYes folks, since this is their first election and they are after all a new party, hence they would like to take any help that you can offer. Lok Paritran is contesting in 7 constituencies. In Chennai, Lok Paritran has fielded five candidates at Mylapore, Chepauk, Thousand Lights, Theagaraya Nagar and Anna Nagar. Two other candidates are contesting in Villivakkam (Thiruvallur) and Mudukulathur (Ramanathapuram). You can read their Election Manifesto and decide for yourself.

At present we are badly in need of volunteers to help us campaign in Mylapore. Considering our limited resources and funds, we solely rely on such volunteers to help spread word. The campaign starts every day from CIT colony at 9 A.M. and finishes at 9 P.M during which we basically indulge in three main activities. . . .

1) Bike rally covering the constituency.
2) Pamphlet distribution at several junctions.
3) Door to door campaigning.

The campaigning ends on 6th May. So those interested in helping us on Thursday/Friday/Saturday please conatct Mr. Santhanagopalan Vasudev (Mylapore candidate) at 9381202545 or Harish at 9884470835. If you couldn't spend loadsa time on this, just walk in, collect pamphlets and distribute it in your apartment or colony. If you don have the time to do that either, send an e-mail to pravunplugged at (preferrably with ur phone number) and I shall try my best to pass it on to you. Or, worst case, the least you could do, spread word and check if atleast your friends could spare some time.

Besides, there is a meeting at Mylapore Maangollai on 5th May 2006. All are invited!!

If you wish to campaign in your constituency rather than Mylapore, you can contact the Lok Paritran office @ 9283140810.

You people are more than welcome to copy paste this on your blog if you wish. Or perhaps use this as a forwarded message. We just need volunteers! Help!
[via pravunplugged]

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