Jun 4, 2006

Musical Avatar

Musical avatarWell today the whole day i have been listening to music and doing nothing else. I got bugged with my last.fm account since it was not updating properly so i created one more account (EnigmatriX). You can see for yourselves how much i have been listening to songs in the link. Since i have been listening to songs quite a lot these days so i wanted to make a new avatar for myself which will reflect this. The final result is what you see in the picture(headphone together with musical notes). Leave your comments about the picture...

Update: After the avatar I had to create a signature, since my current signature in TE has become kinda old. So here is the new signature. Its just a picture with my online name on it the only thing i did was to add the headphones instead of a in EnigmatriX, thats all. Again this too has some relevance to my taste for music(very obvious).

Note: Please make sure you tell me if you are going to use the picture as your avatar or somewhere else since its copyrighted work of Mr. rAKeSH

PS: I will be deleting my other blog ie http://visualizeme.blogspot.com/ in a few days time since i have decided to make this my only blog. What do you think should i have the other blog or not?

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  1. well, i guess you could have as many blogs as you want if you have the time for it. but i would prefer having a single blog... you may differ though ;)

  2. thats what i dont have time for many blogs i just started the other blogs for time pass and also it doesnt get any visitors at all...