Jun 19, 2006


It started with flame of Recca and now I have started watching the second anime series. Its called Scryed or s-CRY-ed some ppl prefer it with the punctuation in between. Its japanese name is スクライド. This is one heck of an anime. This anime is a combination of action, adventure and science fiction. It starts somewhere in the near future when due to some earthquake a piece of land breaks off from the country of Japan. This piece of land is now called "The Lost Ground". After the formation of the lost ground, 1% of the population in the lost ground have a strange power. The people who have these powers are known as Alter users.

Who are Alter users?
Alter users are those who have the ability to use any surrounding object and transform them into some form of weapon which makes the Alter users powerful. The weapon or the form of weapon which the Alter users create are known as Alter. Each Alter has a unique form depending on the Alter user.

The Story!
The main story of Scryed revolves around a character called Kazuma and Ryuho. Kazuma is an alter user with a really bad attitude problem but good at heart. He is a native alter that is he lives in outside "The Wall" which seperates a small portion of the Lost Ground. This portion is as good as any city in the world. And those who live outside this wall are called inners. Also the govt from the mainland have created a kind of police force consisting of only alter users which is known as HOLY. The main task of HOLY is to capture native alters and prevent them doing anything illegal with their powers. But this changes as the series moves forward. Now Ryuho is a rich kid who also has the alter power. He is in the upper echeleons of HOLY. Now as soon as Kazuma and Ryuho meet they start fighting. Its like HATE AT FIRST SIGHT. They always seem to get at each others throat.

I have so far seen only 15 episodes and its really fast paced. There are also lots of other important characters. First Kanami who stays with Kazuma and likes him a lot. Then there is Kimishima who has lot of connections and hires Kazuma for alter fights in the beginning and then becomes his friend. Then there is Mimori Kiriyo who is a childhood sweet heart of Ryuho. Shireece who likes Ryuho and always keep tagging along with him and also jealous of Mimori. Striaght Cougar is one fast dude he is an alter user who has the ability to make himself or his vehicle move really fast. This guy has a soft corner for Mimori, but always gets her name wrongly. Jigmar who is the commander of HOLY. George Tatsunami who has the power of creating the big magnum which is a huge gun which can shoot really huge bullets. Unkel who has the ability called Mad Script which can manipulate others actions according to the story he writes. Emargy has a childish kind of alter which is a huge toy which is supposed to be his hero and calls it super pinch. Tachibana who starts off as a HOLY then changes after a fight with Kazuma. There are lots of others too. I hope the ending doesnt disappoint. I really like the storyline and the fights and special powers.

You wanna watch this anime, then all you have to do is visit youtube.com and search for "scryed english" and you will find all the episodes uploaded by my a person named Xenaura.

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  1. thats really a gud one.bt i dont find al d episodes...only few of tem tat run for 4 to 5 mints.

  2. sorry abt that bharathi those idiots in youtube have deleted the episodes. even i won't be able to see all the episodes unfortunately :(

    i will some how try to get the rest of the episodes and will try to upload them elsewhere.

  3. AnonymousJune 21, 2006

    hey buddy where is your resume. try to forward it to my id : softykid@yahoo.com

  4. The ardent cartoon fan!..Anyway tats good news!

  5. AnonymousJuly 27, 2006

    This show is the best ive seen in a long time its pimp shit

  6. AnonymousJuly 27, 2006

    All the characters r awesome and the story line dosent seperate alot

  7. AnonymousJuly 27, 2006

    the show come on swim @ 1 am pacific time usa

  8. AnonymousJuly 27, 2006

    the show comes on swim @ 1am pacific time usa

  9. yeah There is Licence right now 4 that aNime ;/ I hate that -_-

    watch anime for free