Aug 12, 2006

Deviant at Last

The Abandoned House by EnigmatriXI recently remembered that I am a member of deviantART which is THE site for anyone to display their work of art, or just about anything you create. This is just the starting will soon create more stuff. You can view the full image in my deviantart page.
This picture here is the modified version of another picture i got in the deviantart site. This is the "ORIGINAL PICTURE", to which I have added some extra effects to make it look like an old spooky house. Please leave your comments on my work of art :p

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  1. dude! awesome work! really cool! keep it up :)

  2. danks. will try out more later :)

  3. not spooky, but great work nevertheless!

  4. thanks tamizhan, i was actually going to make it spooky but stopped the process in the middle ;)