Aug 31, 2006

Don't Buy, Download! suppose many of you are unaware that there is a website maintained by the Indian Government and which is also updated regularly. The site is really useful and has lots of information which will be of help at some point or the other. Recently the site has included ebooks for download. So those of you who are a bit tech savvy can download them and study from ebooks. And its not ebooks of some classic stories. Its the ebook of all the NCERT books right from the I to XII standard. I have already downloaded my fav subject ie X Maths book ;).

For downloading go to the link below and make sure you bookmark it.
If you know any students or teachers who are in CBSE schools tell them too.

This is the main portal of the Indian government.

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  1. checked the link...but it doesnt seem to be working :(

  2. Looks like they updated the site. Here is the new link