Sep 24, 2006

Beatles are awesome.

The Beatles
I always used to wonder whats so great about the beatles? Why is everyone going nuts about their albums, songs etc. Long time back I had heard a few of their songs, and for some reason I didn't like those songs then. Well just now I got a few of their albums and I started listening to them and it seriously rocks. Some of their lyrics are awesome. Now I can't seem to stop listening to them. ;)

If you think beatles are bugs, then I suggest you go here and read about them.

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  1. hey..interesting blog..:)
    whats with the pic thou??

  2. thanks seema If you are asking about whats written in the banner, in that case it would be my name "rakesh" then the number "2" as in version 2 followed by "likes to blog"

  3. no..actually i'm asking about the profile pic..

  4. Oh that is the picture of a girl i like a lot :)
    She is just 2 years old. That is the pose she gives whenever she wants to think or remember something ;)