Sep 23, 2006

Chennai Job 'UN' Fair 2006

Well this is the second time i'm attending the Hindu job fair. Last time I had attended to just hear a few seminars, but this time around things have changed. This time I went there to hunt for a job. Here are a few things that crossed my mind from the time I was reading the ad about the job fair in hindu to the time when I finally came out of the job fair around 2.30 p.m.

The Hindu Job Fair Ad
When I first saw the ad in the Hindu, the first thing I thought Oh boy another opportunity to hunt for a job. I was a bit hopeful about the hindu job fair because last time the various articles which came about the hindu job fair was pretty decent. My earlier experiences of other job fairs are mostly a few hours of waiting followed by 10 mins of resumé submission. So I hoped for the best. First time I didn't read the ad properly. Only after a proper reading of the ad with the help of a magnifying glass(seriously you could lose your eye reading that stuff) did I come to know that almost all of the software company's are recruiting only experienced candidates and not FRESHERS. After much thought I finally did decide to go there even though they were not going to recruit FRESHERS.

I thought of starting early in the morning around 6, then thought it would be stupid to go stand that early (but those who go later are actually more stupid).

9.15 am
After a 15 min journey in the train and a jam packed ride in a share auto I finally reach the place. Before that I come across a guy who had come from Andhra to attend the job fair. He was standing near the nungambakkam station and asked me where Chennai trade center was? the poor guy had confused nungambakkam with nandambakkam. Can't blame the guy since there is only a difference of one letter between the two places. Then I take that guy along with me to the trade center. After reaching the place he goes off to get printout of his resumé.
After accessing the situation (read measuring the length of the queue) I finally go to the end of the line which was surprisingly short compared to last year. I thought to myself may be I could get in another one hour!

10:15 am
One hour in the line and after what seemed like an eternity I'm still standing in the line. Now here is a good example of Murphy's law. During the starting ie around 9:15 to 9:45 am the line crawled by 20 meters of even less than that I believe but luckily that time I was standing under the shade of a few trees which some good soul had planted a few years ago. Then after this I was directly under the Surya bhagavan's gaze. I was the one of the few guys who had the nerve to listen to songs during that time while in the surrounding people were literally melting.

11:00 am
After an hour and a half of standing in the boiling sun was beginning to take its toll on my body fluids which were decreasing rapidly. At this point I come to a place where I finally see the golden words "DRINKING WATER". Hah Saved at last! I was not sure whether I should go out of the line to drink water, because I was scared that the guys may not allow me back in the line(hey its a competitive world anything can happen, One less competition is lots of competition). So I waited in the line till I reached the place. And finally when I take the paper glass which was beside the bubble top water dispenser, I get the shock of my life there is NO WATER in the f**king dispenser. The water sponsor for this event was SABOLS. If anyone from that company had met me at that time then I'm sure they would not sponsor any more events in the future. It was plain laziness there was eight bubble tops lying on the ground full of water. All they had to do was to replace the bubble top which nobody was willing to do. Later my anger rose when I heard somebody from some company complaining to the volunteers that the water was not cold(lots of word came to my mind that time thankfully I didn't express my thoughts)

to be contd....

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