Sep 30, 2006

Dumbledore's army

Well here is a sneek preview of what you can expect in the upcoming harry potter movie. Hey the movie is not releasing till july of next year, so you have to wait till then to see these kids on the silver screen.

Harry potter dumbledore army 5 order of phoenix

Click here for ther bigger picture.

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  1. Oh,u r also interested in Harry potter nd ol?some of my frndz scold me for watching al these fiction movies at this age.....

    Till nxt july ah?Looooonngggg wait.

  2. guess what!! i got my blogger id back :D

    and yea, id like to see harry too :p

  3. i was out looking for harry potter sites to get ideas for mine... and somehow landed here. still haven't figured out the search engines. anyway... looks good.
    harry potter merchandise