Sep 26, 2006

Goundamani Senthil banana joke

One of the best comedy scenes that I've ever seen. And Goundamani Senthil are the best comedy pair to hail from the tamil movie history. If Laurel and Hardy in English then Goundamani and Senthil can be called their successors. The first time when I saw this video I remember laughing for nearly an hour. For those who've forgotten this scene is from the movie Karagattakkaran. The movie became a big hit thanks to the lovely songs by ilayaraja and apart from that the hilarious comedy scenes by Goundamani and senthil.

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  1. Ha..Ha..Ha..haa..
    Ya rakesh,tat was an awesome one.

  2. Well I'm planning on posting more such comedy clips. whadaya say?

  3. Gud am sure vl laugh daily for atlst 15mnts continuously.

  4. ya thats for sure. I'll post one more now. One of goundamani's famous dialogues ever. ;)