Sep 12, 2006

In progress

As you can see my redesign is almost 3/4th complete. Just have to take take care of the rest.... Soon the blog will look as good as new. :)

Update 1:
I would like to credit Veerle for the colours since I have almost used the same colours , which she has used in her personal blog

Update 2:
Added a new banner and also have added the flickr badge. In case you wonder whats written in the banner, thats just my name which is written in the banner. This is the exact words which is written in the banner
"rakesh 2 likes to blog"
Update 3:
Used the Drop Down Menu Hack for the Archives and also added the Google adsense ;)

Update 4:
I have added my top ten artists of the week from and finally the redesign is almost complete. I might add something else too, so I might as well say that the redesign is never going to get finished ;)

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