Sep 14, 2006

Intelligent Spammers

Well spamming in blog is on the rise and the spam comments are becoming more nice and intelligent. This is one of the spam comments I received for some of my posts.
There is a corridor that leads into an empty room. The room is completely empty except for a lamp in one of the corners. On the other side of the corridor are three switches.

You know that one of them turns on the lamp, the other two don't do anything. You can play around with the switches turning each of them on and off as much as you like, then you can go into the room one time to check whether the lamp is on or off (there is a door so you can't know without entering the room).

Leaving the room, you have to know which of the 3 switches works and which 2 don't.

The question is: How do you do it?
I'm getting tired of spam comments, I have disabled the captcha thing which is supposed to prevent spam comments for the sake of commenters who have a hard time reading those minuscule and often unreadable words. Hope blogger comes up with something like wordpress to prevent spam comments.

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  1. I can very well understand the problems you are facing, I have myself faced them quiet a many times.

    No offence to blogspot, but you shud try becuase "Akismet" is built-in for every blog. But I don't think Akismet is available for blogspot.

  2. hey this place looks damn good!!
    but don't understand wats written in the banner!!

  3. @neeraj: ya if only blogger comes up with something similar to akismet then blogger will be the best blogging platform atleast for those who do not require much features. and as far as features are concerned wordpress is much better.

    @aparna: thats my name written in the banner. I have clarified it in this post