Sep 26, 2006

Lynx - browser with a twist

I just found out that there is a new kind of browser which exists in this planet. This browser's name is Lynx. This is a text based browser, meaning all you will able to see via this browser is text and hyperlinks. Yup a browser which will not display any stupid ads & images and displays only text and nothing but text. This browser is currently available in the code format. This can easily be ported to just about any OS windows, dos, linux etc. there is even a mac conversion going on. To make things simpler for you I have given a binary installation file for the windows operating system. You might ask what's the use of this browser. You can read about its usefulness here.

Download: Lynx 2.8.5rel.1 - (1.68 MB)

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  1. Hmmm...nice to see a browser that displays only texts.

  2. Well not only that it doesnt execute any scripts on the page either. really nice, only the webpages have to be really simple if you want to view it on this browser

  3. hmm I'm quite surprised that you hadn't heard of lynx.. lynx was the solo browser available durin time of UNIX.. I'm pretty sure lynx exists in Linux as well along with its source code(as it is GPL'd), meaning you can port it to windows (provided you're good in C++), thereby having a custom version of Lynx, modified by you.. of course you'll have to distribute the source code for it as well

  4. I heard abt it only recently while I was going through some sites about accesibility. And since I haven't used much of UNIX & Linux I wasn't aware of it. thanks for the info sathya :)

  5. You can do a lot with Lynx. If you are on Linux/Unix/Mac/Cygwin you can use it to extract text from a Web page and then manipulate it. Example:

    lynx -dump "" | grep -o "http:.*" | sort | uniq


    Twitter Submitter works under Lynx! See Below:

    to see Twitter Submitter in action or download the simple to modify HTML at:

    Twitter Submitter works on any browser, any computer system. It allows you to post updates to your Twitter blog. I wrote it as I have a Win95 system and enjoy using Lynx and Opera, and all of the nifty apps accessing the Twitter API are too complex, confusing for me, or only work on a Mac or Vista system!

    Also found through: - Twitter Fan Wiki, among other places!

    Kenneth Udut
    Bringing Web2.0 to the Web1.0 world!