Sep 17, 2006

Orkut good or evil

Well I am really thankful to orkut for bringing back my old long lost friends into my life again. It's a really wonderful tool for getting to know new people and to also keep in touch with the old ones. But lately orkut has become the worst nightmare for many people especially for the girls and women who use orkut. This is what IBN has to say about orkut the latest evil in the internet world.
Orkutting may be the in-thing today, but the nightmare is fast catching up with complaints of harassment, sleaze and twisted psyche.

For three girls it has already turned a nightmare. Talking to UNI, Kolkata Deputy Commissioner Detective Department Gyanwant Singh said: "The city police have probed at least three complaints the last of them from Bilaspur (Madhya Pradesh) where jilted lovers and spurned friends had turned to with vengeance, creating obscene profiles and lewd albums, making life a living hell for the victims." read more...
Another classic example of a good thing going bad.

So here are a few tips to prevent such nonsense from happening.
1. Do not divulge any personal information.
2. Do not leave your mobile numbers or any contact numbers in scraps.
3. And do not talk to strangers (you might be wondering as to why i am talking like your mother but its not that bad an idea)

The above tips applies to any online website and not just orkut.

In case you don't give a sh*t about any of the above, then you can do just as you wish.

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  1. hi buddy,howz life. not bad your tips need to be cared of. i did went through the link.btw you have been go ahead nd finish it.

  2. yes nabeel i just saw your tag, a big one i must say and i will do that tomo morning :)

  3. hey dude ...just saw this post and i immediately posted the same on my blog here,

    thanks for the info and hope u dont mind.