Sep 30, 2006

Pagerank confusion 7 or 5 ?

Recently I was jumping up and down after checking my page rank in the following site.

Then I wanted to know what it actually meant. From what I read on the net everything was positive. Having a high pagerank makes your website more visible in the google search queries which is true, since my blog has come in the top ten results in a few queries. No wonder so many land up in my blog through google. Then today I checked my pagerank in the following site.

Now I got a really nasty shock. This site listed my pagerank over a 30-40 times. I read through the description of their page rank site and found that google has many data centers. Apparantly google has multiple databases and your search query might land at any one of these data centers. At present my pagerank is 5 at some data centers and 7 in others. Google is still a mystery, apparantly all these data centers must be carrying the same data and the search algorithms used by google must be the same for all the data centers and then how come different page ranks. Amusing! If anyone can explain what this is all about I'll be happy to know :)

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  1. Yes, it is indeed confusing especially after one makes a joyous announcement on how one's site has improved in Google PageRank. :(

  2. YUP it is very sad now my pagerank is back to 5 and not 7 ;(