Sep 29, 2006

Zohopolls for redesign

An easy way to add a opinion poll and or rating to your site/blog. Just visit, create a new account and then create a new poll and then all you have to do copy and paste the code generated by zohopoll to your blog.

As simple as that...

Rate my new design here

My take on zohopolls
What I would like to do in zohopolls. As of now zohopoll is really fine. A few extra features that I would want are ....
  1. Customizable colours for the window and fonts
  2. Saving my customized settings as a new template
  3. still thinking ... ;)
I have checked the results in three browsers. The zohopolls works fine in Firefox 2.0 RC1 and IE 6.0(But shows a small extra whitespace in the iframe though) But in Opera 9.01 the circle which indicates that the current rating is being submitted to the zohopolls keeps spinning and never comes back to the tick sign which indicates the final submission. Is this a bug?

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