Oct 21, 2006

Orkut is open to all

orkutFinally the flood gates are open and orkut has decided to let everyone to join the already expanding social networking ring. All you have to have is a google account, which you can create for free. Looks like google account is becoming a universal account for accessing a variety of services. Who knows google may bring out google id cards for netizens.

You might have read my previous post about the other side of orkut, lets see what happens in the future. Also the mumbai high court has directed the maharashtra government to issue a notice to Google for alleged spread of hatred about India by Orkut. Lets wait and watch what happens to this case

1 comment:

  1. Hey there, I noticed you found the Orkut holiday logo I did for Diwali. Was it shown on the login page, or did you find it on my Orkut account?