Oct 22, 2006

UPA - Blogstar runner-up

Blogstar competitionWell I have won my first award(hurray). Some time back last month, the UPA Hyderabad chapter announced the Personal website & Blog Dexign competition. I came to know about this event through Kiruba. I thought why not enter into the competition. The result I came second in the Blogstar category. The competition was held to recognize aesthetics and usability of personal web sites & Blogs. Now I'm more than just interested in accessibility. I have also made this blog XHTML 1.0 Transitional. I would like to thank kiruba and also the judges who selected my blog.

You can see the other winners in the competition page of UPA Hyderabad

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  1. hmmm,
    congrats buddy. btw where the treat yaar. me waiting.

    be happy......nd keep smiling.......

  2. thank you buddy. I'll give you a treat you have to just wait for some time. ;)

  3. Hey tats really gr8,Congrats yar.i missed mny of ur previous posts snc i didnt visti regualrly.....vl try to read all of tem as soon as possible.

  4. thank you bharathi. you take your time with the reading, no problem.