Oct 4, 2006

Will Blogger ever validate?

After getting the web standards bug, and for starters I thought I would first remove any invalid markup that I might have added to my blog. So First I validated my website using the w3c validator. And voila it threw up some 69 odd error messages and warnings at me. After removing and modifying certain markup in the template as well the posts, I managed to bring down the errors to 52. But some of the code which had invalid markup did not comprise the template at all. These were the code for the top navigation bar which I couldn't change.

Why isn't blogger worried about valid xhtml?
In the age of web standards, why is blogger producing bad or invalid web pages. Even though blogger is one of the most popular and used blog publishing tool, it is still creating invalid web pages. Why the people at google are not bothering to change the code and when WILL my blog validate without any error?

Starting from scratch
After getting pissed trying to fix some of the validation errors, I finally decided to acid test the blogger blog to check the minimum number of errors it will show when a blog is initially created and one post is made.

* I created a new blog and then applied a template made by Dave shea.
* Then I made my first post in the blog.
* After this step I tried to validate the blog using the w3c validator.
* You can view the result here.
* Result: "This page is not Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict!" and a total of 9 errors.

Wordpress is better
Then I tried doing the above steps with a wordpress blog.

* I created a new wordpress blog.
* Made one post in the blog.
* Then tried validating the blog using the w3c validator.
* You can view the result here.
* Result: "This Page Is Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict!"
* Impressive, wordpress wins this test hands down.

In the future
Is there any hope at all. Will the blogger blog ever validate? Now that blogger beta is here, you might think there is hope. In that case folks you will be disappointed terribly. I did the same test for a blogger beta blog. And the result was shocking.

Go see it yourself!

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  1. well, blogger not validating isnt new. When i had my blog here, i too faced similar problems. To my amazement, i saw that even a few of the default themes, with no modification whatsoever, didnt validate!!! Although it does have amazing flexibility, it should validate, at least for the default themes. Customized pages - well, that depends completely on the designer i guess

  2. well hope they make some improvement in this

  3. blogger.com team using Firefox for their web development, but blogspot still not valid yet..sigh..

  4. finally, I made it valid xhtml 1.1..thank you for inspiring me..