Nov 20, 2006


Well my disappearance from the blogworld this time was due to my stupid motherboard. One day I was as usual downloading some torrent, and then without any warning there was a sudden lightning. It was very close to my house since I felt a slight shudder. Result there was a power surge and my mouse port a PS/2 port and my LAN wire got burnt(not exactly burn just an exaggeration, you get the point right). Then lucky for me that my modem could work via USB. So I had got back my internet connection, but still no mouse. So for four to five days I was browsing without a mouse. I was going mad by the day, whenever I find out something that can't be used without a mouse. Lots of software are quite useless without a mouse. Anyway now that I have my mouse fixed, I will be writing regularly again.

P.S. I have got a job finally.


  1. hey ya,welcome back to blogging.
    wishing that your mouse should not go out of work again....

  2. hopefully not. :)

    My next few blog articles will be about my favourites...

  3. very sad tat ur mouse is alive ;)