Nov 1, 2006

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mr Mrs Smith

One major reason why I had to see this movie "Angelina Jolie". For those who might not know me Angelina Jolie is my favourite actress. This movie released way back in 2005. I got to see it just now though. But the movie is really good, atleast I liked it. Okay here's what the whole movie is about.

Angelina JolieThe movie starts with a conversation between a couple and a marriage counselor i think. The couples are John(Brad Pitt) & Jane(Angelina Jolie) Smith. They both are just another boring american couples atleast thats what their neighbours think. But infact both of them are top class assassins working for competing firms. Then one day both of them get a job in which they have to eliminate a guy known as "Tank" who in the end turns to be a assassin under training.

After this incident they both realize that they are each others enemy. Then when they both finally realize that they are in fact in love with each other and can't kill one another, then they set out to retrieve tank from the FBI. Only when they bring tank out of FBI's custody, they understand that the whole thing was a setup by both their respective firms since they knew that John & Jane were married, and wanted to kill them both. Finally John & Jane blow up all the guys from both the firms, and they lived happily ever after(hopefully).

There is TV serial likely to be released in 2007 based on Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

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