Dec 15, 2006

Avial is rockin

I do like to eat a lot but this post is about music not food. Nowadays due to all the free time I've been listening to non stop music. And as a result I have started experimenting with various obscure bands whose names are really difficult to even pronounce. Then I finally landed on the Indian Rock and Metal Scene, which isn't something really great. But to my amazement I found out that there are a lot of bands here in India. Most of them are just college guys playing for some competition or the other but there are other professional bands too like Moksha(from Chennai), Parikrama, Indus Creed and others. But the number of such bands are very less.

So I was going around the net searching for Indian rock songs. In the process I found Avial. I know the name is a bit odd. Its actually a name of a dish famous in southern parts of India. Its a five member band which is rocking from Gods Own Country - Kerala(Thrissur). The bands line up is as follows

  1. Tony - Turntables
  2. Rex - Guitars
  3. Anand - Vocals
  4. Joffy - Drums
  5. Naresh - Bass

I have so far seen only one of the songs. Yup these guys have a video. Its a damn good video too. The songs name is "Nada Nada" meaning walk walk in malayalam. You can watch the video in youtube.

Nada Nada Video

The song is really nice and their lyrics is really catchy. I couldn't find much information about them since the official website of Avial is still under construction. You can download the Nada Nada video from Poorman Productions, which is the company that produced the video.

Here is the mp3 version of Nada Nada ripped by rAKeSH thats me :D.

Nada Nada by Avial

If you are unable to listen to the song then download the entire song and then listen to it.

Lyrics of Nada Nada Song.

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  1. Try listening to vallavan man.. tamil malaysian rappers... "madai thiranthu"...

    "Solluroam ille"

  2. @anonymouse: hey thanks for suggestion. the song was really nice but the video was not that great. but this sounds a bit familiar, i had heard similar songs long time back. you might have heard of a guy called Krishan. His debut album Asian Avenue was similar to this. Try listening to Asian Avenue if u haven't already heard it.

  3. hey do u have any other songs of avial ...
    it wud be great if u can provide them
    pls tell me ..
    my id.

  4. Indian metal rocks. Check out Pin Drop Violence.... and also Indian metal out of Singapore...Rudra!!

  5. @videv: Sorry dude i couldn't find any other songs by avial.

    @lawd: Ya indian metal scene seems to be rocking these days. I've heard Pindrop violence. I will try to hear rudra.

  6. AnonymousJune 23, 2007

    I have been searching for this track for quiet some time..thanks for posting it..and..yup..indian rock scene looks promising..

  7. AnonymousJuly 03, 2007


    alternative malayalee rock....

    Anandraj Benjamin Paul -- Vocals
    Tony John -- Vocals, Turntables and Synth
    Rex Vijayan -- Guitars and Synth
    Naresh Kamath -- Bass
    Mithun Puthanveetil --Drums

    [--» «--]

    for new demos check
    [--» «--]

  8. The Ripped version On Your Site Is Only @minutes long, like half the song is cut off

  9. avial's a cool band. try another butt-kickin' alt-rock band from Calcutta, FLI (short for Five Little Indians). That's some cool shit.

  10. i always thought that malayalam songs suck.....not anymore....avial rocks....

  11. avial is right up there no doubt, try listening to Karukara and Chekela by the same lads.. kick ass.. fusion music...

    and their r plenty of kick ass indian rock groups my friend... utube this, ichor ..decibel.. vertigo.. etc etc

  12. I liked Avial's "Karukara" .

    Awesome guitaring and fresh vocals.

  13. First time live performance by Kerala's very own rock band - AVIAL and SLING SHOT (Winners of Kerala Rocks 2007) at the finals of this year's Kingfisher Kerala Rocks at Bolgatty Palace, Cochin,8th March 2008, 7:00pm onwards

  14. Well I haven't been able to find any more songs by this band, but Nada Nada is pretty cool... :)
    specially if you have a mallu friend by your side o translate

  15. i had heard them sum 3 yrs ago.. but they sound really good till now...
    keep rocking.. avial n thnx poorman for making this possible n yes avial tooo

  16. thanks a lot!!can u plz give d lyrics?

  17. Awesome song..

    Rakesh .. .. thanks for sharing it :)..

  18. AnonymousMay 31, 2009

    check out "aadu padambe..." by avial


  19. Please post the lyrics in English ....!

  20. avial rocked in technopark yesterday