Dec 17, 2006

Change of color

I got bored with the old color theme, so changed it. I have listed the colors below along with their hex values.

The Major colours

  1. #222222 - A dark shade of Gray(background)
  2. #CCCCCC - A light shade of Gray(for text)
  3. #99CC33 - A bright Green(for headings)
  4. #99CC66 - A slightly less brighter green(for sub-headings)
  5. #86C3EC - My favourite blue(for links withing the post)
  6. #FF403F - An orangish Red(for hover links)
  7. #889977 - A dull Green(used for headings in the sidebar)
  8. #F7A6B3 - A soft Pink(color of the links in the sidebar)

Other colours used

  1. #666666
  2. #111111
  3. #333333
  4. #999900
  5. #9B9B8E

Thats about it I guess. I would suggest COLOURlovers in case you need to choose colours or a palette. They have some of the best colours and colour combination listed there.


  1. Really nice! The new colours are great. I love this green in the titles. Well done my friend :)

  2. hey i edited,y is it not changing for me :(
    same way ur template too didnt work well for me :(

  3. @nikos: thanks nikos, now that i have changed my template i will release the previous template. But the thing is, editing the beta blogger template is too damn tedious so first i will release the previous template for the old blogger. the beta template has to wait for some more time.

  4. @bharathi: wait a bit i told na this template is for the old blogger not for the beta blogger