Dec 26, 2006

Dark V blogger beta template

Dark V blogger templateFinally I'm also bitten by the BETA bug. This is a blogger beta template. If you want to use this template then all you have to do is to download the text file, then go to ur blog template section and choose the edit html tab. Then just remove all the code within the <head></head> tags and then just copy the contents of the text file below and past it between the <head></head> tags. Thats it. I'm still trying to improve the overall looks. So this template is still in beta ;). Check out the demo blog using Dark V template.

Download Dark V Blogger template

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  1. Happy to hear from you my friend! When the template is ready I will use it for sure in my blog! You know that I like this template don't you ;) I will stay tuned for more great and minimal themes by you!

  2. thank you... i like... this is mine... :)