Dec 7, 2006

Harry Potter fan

Harry potter book cover

Hogwarts SymbolAfter re-reading harry potter for the nth time I am more than sure that I might be Imperiused by the potter mania. If you are a potter fan then I don't have to explain what "Imperiused" means otherwise it means that one is under the control of someone, in my case its something. The Imperius curse is one of the three unforgivable curses, use of which can land you in a lifetime sentence at azkaban. Imperio (Imperius Curse) - "Imperio" is Latin for "I control" and "imperium" is Latin for "absolute control."

The start

I started reading harry potter books when I was in my 11th Std. That time I used to stay in Thane and there I used to visit the local library now and then. On one such visit to the library my eyes fell on the cover of "Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets". Thats right I started reading from the second book and not the first one. I just took the book to see whether its good or not. And I finished the book in two days(my reading speed back then was not that good). Then I read the first book ie "Harry Potter and The Sorceror's Stone" and then "Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban". So in my school days I had finished the first three books of Harry Potter. Then after starting my college I read "Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire". Then I read the "Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix" within a week it was released worldwide. Finally I read the sixth book "Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince" after a few months it was released. Now eagerly waiting for the final book.

My Favourite characters

  1. Dumbledore, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian
  2. Sirius Black
  3. Harry James Potter
  4. Fred and George Weasley

The 7th Book

Now this book has already created a lot of speculation and guess work. What would be the ending of the Harry Potter series. Some of the things we will come to know in the 7th book are...

  1. Will harry find all the horcruxes and destroy them?
  2. Is Snape a good guy or bad guy?
  3. In case he is bad, will harry kill Snape?
  4. Who will all die in the seventh book?
  5. Will Dumbledore return as a ghost?
  6. What is the sixth Horcrux?
  7. Who the heck is R.A.B?
  8. Will harry get back his love Ginny?
  9. Will we come to know more about Harry's parents?
  10. Who will teach advance magic to harry?
  11. What will be the name of the seventh book?
  12. What is the purpose of Fawkes?
  13. Will the story start from the seventh year or will it be a few years after that?

I have a lot more questions to ask, but I do hope that Rowling will be able to answer these ones...

So now you must have come to a conclusion as to how big a fan of Harry Potter I am :D. And if you go to a library or in the process of making book purchases, I would definitely recommend the whole Harry Potter Series ;)

At last a few words till the next post HICT BLUG BIT (tried something like Dumbledore, evidently no one can beat Dumbledore in this)

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  1. Nice collection my friend :) Here in greece the books have realy ugly covers. These ones look great!

  2. well I don't own all the books. I have only one of the six books. Buts its cover is diff from the ones i have shown here. Who cares abt the cover, the book is great... :)

  3. Reeeeeeeee,i never knew man tat u too a fan of Harry Potter... :)

    Do u remember our web technology lab?I created a web page for Harry Potter(both books and movies)with link gog gog gog onnnnnn...

    I havn't read any book completely,snc i get some impt work(like semster or internal exams) in between....Neways i have seen all movies released till now :)

  4. come on bharathi semester exam important work kya yaar nothing is more important than harry potter. You have to read all the books. Too many things are not shown in the movies. You are really missing a lot of things if you have just seen the movies. go on there is nothing else important under the sky right now for you, go read the books.....

  5. Yup,idu nalla idea.....
    Ippo ellam am total vetti in home,i will read Harry Potter Series :)

  6. Yeah, where are the books published with those covers?

  7. Thats Ace. I am a real big fan, but was so dissapointed when the last one came out, I went hunting around for other things that were just as epic. I found this one thing called Exit: Wound". it's a magical tale but a bit the characters are a little older and more mature than in the Potter Books, like one level up. This budding young authout is being tipped for good things. If you like'd Potter, you'll love this. :)

  8. i love all... the Harry Potter books. sometimes i wish I was also a witch n studied in Hogwarts. den I'd have surely been his girlfriend. lol........

  9. Amazing Harry Potter video -- watch it here!

  10. I have read all the Harry Potter books already, and I'm in grade 5.