Dec 21, 2006

My new logo

rakesh logoActually this is my first logo. Earlier I just used to have the name of my blog in different fonts. For a change I decided to make a logo for myself and this is the result. I quite happy with it. I decided to drop the grunge effect I usually resort to. Guess I have finally grown out of it. This time I have gone for a clean look with lots of curves. Hope you guys like it.

The logo is a bit small and there was lot of empty space in the top, so naturally I had to fill it with something. So I have decided to put the album of the week up there.

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  1. I like this logo very very much. It is gothic ;) and it is something different than the web 2.0 style log that anyone uses nowdays. Well done my friend!

  2. @nikos:yup its gothic. got inspired by the collection of metal albums cd covers. most of which uses gothic styles. and now that i am totally free. i will soon release the other template for download on christmas mostly ;)

  3. my name is rakesh ..
    create my logo